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I'm a Mudi breeder located in Lohja, Southern Finland. My main focus with my dogs is herding and I've bred and trained the first Finnish Herding Champion Mudi (and trialled gaining titles with five other dogs so far). At home we have a small flock of sheep (ca. 30 ewes), chickens and Indian runner ducks. I also regularly work with other people's sheep, from small groups to flocks of over a thousand animals. Before getting hooked on herding I've competed in e.g. obedience and working trials (area search, tracking etc.). My first Mudi "Temppu" (Madraz-Bunda Azazello) was a Finnish Obedience Champion. I've had Mudis for 20+ years and bred 8 litters since 2005 (in Finnish Kennel Club's database:

Mudi puppies occasionally available to active homes.

Sanna Laine-Evans

Takkutukan Mustaa Kultaa "Taito", Hortobágy, Hungary, 2013